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(English) Forum Guidelines

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(English) Forum Guidelines Empty (English) Forum Guidelines

Post by strofmos Fri Aug 15, 2014 5:02 pm

The rules help guide the community, ensure a level playing field and promote healthy, constructive discussions, while encouraging respect between members.
Everybody has the right to his/hers personal opinion or point of view on a certain topic.
These rules only serve to keep it civilised.

The same rules will be used on the Facebook page of "501st BGNT (members only)"

If you can't agree with these rules and/or refuse to abide by them, we respectfully ask to leave this community.
These rules are a living document and are updated from time to time.
All members will be notified when rules change.

1) Please keep it G/PG rated.
G = General Audiences (All ages)
PG = Parental Guidance Suggested (Some material may not be suitable for children)
While younger folks normally don't read this list, they might be reading over Daddy or Mommy's shoulder.
Also G/PG language helps to keep tempers cool.

2) No "flaming".
If you really feel you must make a long argue or you think that you are being misunderstood, meet or call each other and talk.
Way to often a "written word" is misunderstood easily.
Use emotioncons to help to avoid such misunderstanding
"No flaming" includes no trolling/baiting (i.e. posting in such a manner as to intentionally provoke a negative response from other members).

3) If you feel that another member is harassing you, please inform Garrison Command and Forum Moderators.
Please make sure that you understand the ramifications of such accusation (as this is very serious - false accusations are equally punishable)
If necessary Garrison Command will inform Legion Command, in order to sort the problem out and ask information for the best possible outcome.

4) DO NOT post copies or replies from Private Messages to this forum.
If it warrants, privately inform your Garrison Command and Forum Moderators.

5) Please keep quoting previous posts to a minimum, in order to avoid replies that take whole pages.

6) Please try to keep posts as "On Topic" as possible.
When posting a new topic or a response to a topic, please pause and think.
Remember that your post will be visible to all the members of this group and may not necessarily contribute to a particular thread.
Moderators reserve the right to remove "Off Topic" posts/replies, without further notification.

7) NO discussion of politics or religion. Any posts should relate to 501st business or Star Wars related topics.

8 ) Controversial topics need approval of the Garrison Command and Forum Moderators, in order to get posted.
Moderators reserve the right to lock topics that are out of control and no longer productive due to excessive opinionated or repetitive posts.

9) Members who are caught, while using loopholes in the current rules for their own gain/favor, are subject to the Disciplinary Actions, mentioned below.

To be fair, violators of any of these guidelines will be given 2 written warnings (with Garrison Command and Moderators in CC) and their offending posts may be edited or deleted.
The 3rd violation will result in restricted posting abilities for a period of a month.
With an established history of violations that include restricted posting, repeat offenders may be placed on immediate posting restriction without warning.
Severe violations such as blatant and hateful attacks may result in instant posting restrictions, without the benefit of a warning.
The Moderators of this board will attempt to be as fair and unbiased as possible.
But there are times when an individual may be made an example of...don't be this person!
The Garrison Command and Moderators word is FINAL !!!
Please do not aggravate a situation further by arguing over a decision to edit/moderate.
Repeat offenders or severe violations will also be reported to Legion Command, in order to keep CotG informed about the situation.


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